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    When partnering with an established executive search and recruiting firm, a company will experience an increased...

What? Partnering with the Right Search Firm

When partnering with an established executive search and recruiting firm, a company will experience an increased investment return. A newly vetted and placed candidate will begin performing at or above expectations in a short amount of time. 

A recent industry trend report provided qualitative information about the best recruiters. Respondents were asked to write in their ideas about a successful recruiter’s most exceptional qualities, and the most dominant answer was “persistence.” The second was “the ability to listen,” and supporting the importance of holding on against all the odds— “tenacity.” These are the exact traits of the recruiting and search professionals at New Iron Solutions who also deliver on their clients’ following commitments: 

  1. To provide a highly professional, transparent, and confidential search process. Clear expectations are set through a complete description of how the search will be conducted, fees, and policies.
  2. To provide experience, tenure, and the ability to educate constituents.
  3. To provide full due diligence and business acumen, including thorough client interviews to understand requirements, extensive industry, and target candidate research.
  4. To provide vast industry knowledge and experience learned over years of recruiting candidates at the executive level.


A focus on the details with well-defined processes, documentation, follow-through, confidentiality, and constant communication with client organizations ensures the best candidate fit moving forward. 


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