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    We utilize a combination of proven behavioral interviewing tools and proprietary tools we have developed over the years...

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The New Iron Executive Search Process

In a traditional executive search and interview process, the candidate receives a series of standard questions that typically have straightforward answers. However, the answers do not necessarily indicate how a candidate performed or behaved during the interview process but elicit responses that can be easily scripted or subjective. For example, how many times have you heard “being a perfectionist” or “sometimes I care too much,” which are little more than rehearsed answers to “What are your weaknesses?”

We utilize a combination of proven behavioral and proprietary interviewing tools we have developed over years of fine-tuning this process. New Iron Solutions will assess and “scorecard” each candidate based on their personal, professional, and financial goals, behaviors, and important motivations to the individual client. By aligning your specific needs with this optimized candidate profile, we can pinpoint and elicit mutually beneficial and lasting employee relationships more accurately. This proprietary process of proven executive behavioral interviewing tools, in tandem with specialized assessment tools we have created for the IT sales industry, separates New Iron Executive Search from other search firms.

Here are a few of the steps we employ in determining the Behavioral Interviewing Model for your company and position:

New Iron Executive Search Process

  1. We work with you to identify behaviors that are necessary to have for the role to be successful. We also determine key performance indicators (KPIs) expected in the position.
  2. We put together a customized Questionnaire document for the specific role and use this to screen candidates (all questions and answers are provided to you).
  3. We use a combination of behavioral analysis and questionnaires to identify candidates with the most likelihood of success in the position for interviewing and the next steps, saving you a tremendous amount of interview time, effort, and expense in the process. 


By partnering with New Iron and using our Behavioral Interviewing Model, you will increase employee fill rate, enjoy greater retention and lessen the number of candidates interviewed (ideally in the range of 3-5). As a result, we make your Human Resources and recruiting manager’s job more manageable and increase your hiring speed while time and expense (including costly turnover) decrease.


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